Trinity-Freistadt Historical Site: 10 Case Steam Engine

© Photographed July 16, 2016
Erected by Trinity Historical Society
Mequon, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
43.233936, -88.046221 
43° 14.031′ N, 88° 2.799′ W
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History of the Case Steam Engine
This Case built steam engine was bought from Sam Kraetsch, a farmer in Jackson, Wisconsin, in 197__, and was moved to this location in December 1993. 

It was constructed around 1910, produced 85 horse power and was used to power threshing machines and other large, belt-powered farm machinery.

Although it resembles smaller modern farm tractors, this steam engine was impractical for use in Wisconsin fields as it had an extremely large turning radius.

It was used generally as a power source, much like the Radue Gas engine, (#4 on the walking tour) but on a much larger scale. 
The marker is located at Trinity-Freistadt Historical Site, and is accessible from southbound North Church Place, south of its intersection with West Freistadt Road, at or near 11705 North Church Place, Mequon, Wisconsin 53097.

Case Steam Tractor

Unfortunately, the Facebook Page does not post hours that the location is open.

See also, Marker 85: The Oldest Lutheran Church in Wisconsin, a short distance from the Trinity Freistadt Historical Site.

Some other pieces of farm equipment at the site:

 All linked up in one place . . .

Freistadt (literally "Freetown") is today located in the
postal area of Mequon, Wisconsin.

 Case Steam Engine is located at Trinity-Freistadt Historical Site
in Mequon, Wisconsin.

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