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 © Photographed July 15, 2016
Erected by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Abrams, Oconto County, Wisconsin
44.792956, -88.034615
44°47'34.6"N 88°02'04.6"W

Explore your public lands

Know the Puddle Ducks
In Wisconsin's quiet backwater bays, marshes, ponds, and prairie potholes, puddle ducks skim the water's surface for insects and "tip up" to reach underwater plants. Their large, broad wings life these dabblers off the water, allowing them to literally "leap" into the air.
The colorful wing patch on the puddle
ducks, called the speculum,
is one key id marker for use
in the field. Also, pay
attention to shape, size, call,
and habitats.

blue-winged teal
wood duck
American widgeon
green-winged teal
northern shoveler

Know the Diving Ducks
Diving ducks prefer the wide open waters of rivers and deep marshes where they search for plant roots, small fish and claims. Less colorful than puddle ducks, "divers" use their set-back legs to "run" on the water's surface to propel them forward, and they dive to feed rather than "tip up" or "dabble" on the surface.
The ducks shown are all drakes.
Hens are drab brown to blend
in well with their
nesting cover.

These are the common waterfowl
you'll encounter across Wisconsin.
If you see something different,
rifer to an ID book.

common goldeneye
ring-necked duck
hooded merganser
lesser scaup

American coot
This common water bird is
often mistaken for a duck. 

The marker is located at the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association "Abrams Property" and is accessible from northbound U.S. 41, just north of where it intersects with U.S. 141, at or near 5417 US-41, Abrams, Wisconsin 54101.

WWA's exclusive long-term project . . .

 A gorgeous location!!!

 Looking south across the property.

 Looking southwest, with U.S. 41 / U.S. 141 in the distance.

 Looking southeast from the marker location.

 The entrance to the property.

 Dexter exploring!

 Beautiful Queen Anne's lace . . .

 A nice location for a picnic and to view ducks.

The marker is located in Abrams, Wisconsin.

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