American Legion Post 457 M60A1 Patton Tank

 © Photographed July 16, 2016
Erected by Howard J. Schroeder American Legion Post #457
Mequon, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
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 105mm gun full tracked combat tank
Introduced: December 1960
In Service: 1961-2001 (USA)
Currently used by many Allied Nations
Number Built: Over 15,000
Combat Weight: 60 tons
Length: 22 ft 9.5 in
Width: 11 ft 11 in
Height: 10 ft 6.5 in
Crew: 4
Main Armament: 105 mm M69 gun
Secondary Armament: .50 cal M85 machine gun
and 7.62 mm M240 machine gun
Speed: 30 mpg
 The M60 became the Army's primary tank during the Cole War
used in Vietnam War, Iran-Iraq War, Persian Gulf War, and
The M60 proved reliable and underwent many updates over its
service life. The interior layout provided ample room for
updates and improvements, extending the vehicles service life
for over four decades. It was widely used by the U.S. and its
Cold War allies, especially those in NATO, and remains in service
throughout the world today.
Special thanks to Legion member Victor P. Frank for
his tireless efforts in securing this monument [sic]

The tank is located at City of Mequon Optiz Cemetery, next door to (west of) the Howard J. Schroeder American Legion Post #457, and is accessible from westbound West Mequon Road / Wisconsin Highway 157, just west of its intersection with Cedarburg Road / Wisconsin Highway 57, at 6050 West Mequon Road, Mequon, Wisconsin, 53092.

Howard J. Schroeder American Legion Post #457

These memorials are also at this location:

The memorial is part of the American Legion Post 457 Veterans Memorial.

The tank is located at City of Mequon Opitz Cemetery.

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