Oneida Veterans Memorial: Spanish-American War 1898

© Photographed October 26, 2013 and Memorial Day, May 30, 2016
Erected by Oneida Nation
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin
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The Spanish American War was an armed conflict between Spain and the United States that took place from April to August 1898. The Treaty of Paris, after only 109 days of war, ended the conflict and gave the United States ownership of the former Spanish colonies of Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam. Oneida men volunteered for service in this war. Although there were no known Oneida casualties, combat from this war claimed 432 American lives.
The memorial is located on westbound West Mason Street / Highway 54 at its intersection with Pleasant Lane, at or near 3294 West Mason Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54313.
Road Trip Local 5 News: Oneida Veterans Memorial

The memorial is on the east side of the Memorial Wall.

 A beautiful fall day at the memorial.

The Oneida Veterans Memorial is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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