Aux Premiers Belges

© Photographed April 30, 2016
 New Franken, Brown County, Wisconsin
44.589295, -87.799003
44°35'21.4"N 87°47'56.5"W


In Memory of our Ancestors

Holand, Hjalmar Rued, 1872-1963 / Wisconsin's Belgian community : an account of the early events in the Belgian settlement in northeastern Wisconsin with particular reference to the Belgians in Door County (1933)

The courage and self-reliance of these first Belgian settlers is remarkable. The place they had selected for their homes lay many miles back in a deep, primeval forest, where not a ray of sunlight filtered through. They saw more Indians than white people and for a while feared for the safety of their scalps. But the Indians were friendly and . . . they assured each other by smiles and gestures that they had the kindliest feeling toward each other. The winter was mild and the hunting was excellent. Toward spring the Indians initiated the pioneers into the mystery of tapping maple trees and making maple sugar to the great delight of the children. By this time the pioneers had cleared a number of acres and were looking around for oxen with which to plow among the stumps. With good health and sufficient funds to buy the necessities of life these first Belgians were content in their new homes.

The marker is located at the Town of Green Bay Town Hall.

The marker is located in unincorporated Champion, Wisconsin.

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