In Memory of Howard A & Lou E Olson

© Photographed November 1, 2015
Sturgeon Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin
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In Memory of Howard A & Lou E Olson
9/13/07 - 2/28/2002 • 12/30/14 - 7/16/2002
Howard loved the water, sailing and knew all about ships. He was a sailor, shipbuilder, boat launcher, and a long-time DCMM docent. He couldn't wait to sail each spring.
Lou was a great supporter of Howard. She cared for their home, children, finances, and worked outside of the home. She was a founder of the Marine Men's Auxiliary, which did charity work in the community.
Lou and Howard lived on or by water all their lives. They were great parents, proud of their Norwegian heritage and active in Sons of Norway.
The marker is located on the grounds of the Door County Maritime Museum on northbound Madison Avenue, north of its intersection with Locust Court, at 120 North Madison Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 54235.

Door County Maritime Museum

Use the "Door County Maritime Museum" label below to view the many markers in and around the Door County Maritime Museum grounds.

 The marker is visible right front in this photo.

 The marker is at the Sturgeon Bay entrance to the museum.

 The marker is on the grounds of the Door County Maritime Museum.

The marker is located at the Sturgeon Bay Historic Downtown Waterfront.

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