UW Madison Bascom Hill Historic District: Global Vision

© Photographed October 3, 2015
Erected by UW Foundation
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
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University of Wisconsin Madison
Bascom Hill Historic District
In 1961, more than 100 University of Wisconsin students and graduates applied to spend two years volunteering in some of the world's neediest countries as part of a new program known as the Peace Corps. Their participation began a long relationship between the University of Wisconsin and the Peace Corps, symbolic of the university's deep commitment to helping uncover and solve international problems. This university was one of the first to train these volunteers, and it has traditionally sent more students and graduates into the Peace Corps than any other university.
This marker is made possible by a grant from the UW Foundation.

The marker is located on the UW-Madison campus, on the Bascom Hill Mall, near the northwest corner of South Hall (aka College of Letters and Science building), at or near 1055 Bascom Mall, Madison Wisconsin 53706.

NOTE: There is no parking near the marker location. Driving around and parking at the UW-Madison campus is pretty intense. Be sure to check the Google Map (above) and campus maps (below) before heading out.

With the west side of South Hall visible in the background.

Looking southwest towards Birge Hall.

Looking northeast at Bascom Mall, with the northwest corner
of South Hall visible to the right.

View of Bascom Hall and statue of Abraham Lincoln from the marker location.

Illustration of the State University of Madison
(now Bascom Hill Historic District),
from the 1885 edition of the Wisconsin Blue Book.
South Hall is visible on the top left.
This media file is in the public domain.
The marker is on the UW-Madison campus.

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