Silent Guns

 © Photographed October 11, 2015
Burlington Racine County, Wisconsin

Silent Guns
Those silent guns still roar;
Not for everyone.
Their shells whistle in;
Their muzzles road
Only for those who knew firsthand
Of war.

Battles still rage in the pain and
Scars and minds and dreams of those
Who came home forever changed.
Young no longer now;
They are burdened with how to make
Tired, wasted muscles do the job they
Once could;
In their prime at a time when our
Country needed
Strong brave men.
They'll never serve again;
Many who answered the call;
they are a special group;
Those who knew firsthand of war.
Only for them do those silent guns
Still road.

George C. Paulson
World War II

The memorial is located at Veterans Terrace at Echo Veterans Memorial Park, and is accessible from southbound Milwaukee Avenue, at its T-intersection with Bridge Street, at or near 589 Milwaukee Avenue, Burlington, Wisconsin 53105.

These memorials are also located at Echo Veterans Memorial Park:

 The memorial is located at Veterans Terrace.

The memorial is located in Burlington, Wisconsin.

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