Cave of the Mounds

© Photographed October 18, 2015
Blue Mounds, Dane County, Wisconsin

Cave of the Mounds is accessible from westbound Cave of the Mounds Road, between Rooney Road (to the west) and County Highway ID (to the east), at or near

These are the markers at Cave of the Mounds:

These markers are listed in the order they appear
along the "Trip Back in Time . . ." walk . . .

Cave of the Mounds: Take a Trip Back in Time . . . Wisconsin's Oldest Classroom!

Cave of the Mounds: Paleozoic Era

These miscellaneous markers are also at Cave of the Mounds:
 This path (adjacent to the parking lot) leads to the markers' locations.

Cave of the Mounds is located in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.

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