Cave of the Mounds: Cenozoic Era / Tertiary Period & Pliocene Epoch

© Photographed October 18, 2015
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Blue Mounds, Dane County, Wisconsin
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Cenozoic Era
Tertiary Period
& Pliocene Epoch

The oldest hominid (human-like ancestors) fossils come from Africa. They show that multiple species of early humans inhabited the earth as early as 4 million years ago. Fossils of these early ancestors show a striking resemblance to modern humans, who began to appear about 500,000 years ago.

Follow the line to the next sign to travel into the Quarternary Period... 
Although mammals co-existed with dinosaurs for millions of years, it was only after the extinction of the dinosaurs that mammals came into their own. During the Cenozoic Era, mammals diverged from a few simple forms to a diverse collection of tererstrial marine and flying animals. As the Tertiary Period came to an end, life forms still common today filled the seas, the land, and the air.

65-1.8 million years ago
The marker is located at Cave of the Mounds and is accessible from westbound Cave of the Mounds Road, between Rooney Road (to the west) and County Highway ID (to the east), at or near

Cave Connection
It is difficult to imagine the time it took for the large caverns to be dissolved within rock that is itself believed to be over 500 million years old. This unique underground world lay hidden from view until modern humans appeared and began to _____ to the surface. This led to ___ accidential discovery ___ of the cave on August 4, 1929.
Beautiful fall view from the marker location.

 This path (adjacent to the parking lot) leads to the marker's location.

Cave of the Mounds is located in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.

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