111 South Main Street / Thomas Boyd Cowdrey Tailor Shop 1878

© Photographed October 17, 2015
Oregon, Dane County, Wisconsin

111 South Main Street
Thomas Boyd Cowdrey Tailor Shop
Characteristic of the early-twentieth century "Modern Broadfront" variant of the commercial vernacular form, this building is one-story tall. When erected in 1878, this commercial vernacular building was finished with cream brick and enriched with Italianate-influenced decorative brickwork. In 1911, the front facade was updated and now features a classical cornice over the storefront, surmounted by a horizontal panel of brick headers.

Built for his tailor shop, Thomas Cowdrey retained ownership of the building until his death, c.1903. Cowdrey was born in Pennsylvania and settled in Oregon in 1862. His son, F.B. Cowdrey, was born in Oregon and owned the Cowdrey building until c. 1941. For more than 30 years the F.B. Cordrey and E. E. Buche clothing and shore store, called the White House, was located here.
The building and marker are located on southbound South Main Street, south of its intersection with Janesville Street, at or near 111 South Main Street, Oregon 53575.

The building is now home to the Oregon location of Bergey Jewelry.

The marker is mounted to the facade, visible to the right.

The building and marker are located in Oregon, Wisconsin.

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