Mexican War Tribute / Military Uniforms

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Soldiers Walk Memorial Park
Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin
44.244142,-91.498145 (memorial walkway)
44.244188,-91.497426 (parking lot to access park)
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The uniform worn by the U.S. soldiers during the Mexican War (1846-1848) was one of the most prestigious and colorful ever designed. The dress -- gray uniform with shako the tall decorative cap worn by the Corps of Cadets of the U.S. Military Military Academy during their drill and parade ceremonies closely resembles the unique design and it is a constant reminder of this military era.

Although soldiers have always worn specialized clothing, it was not until the second half of the 17th century that the military uniform as it is known today began to evolve. Before that time some military units, especially the palace and personal guards of royalty, wore clothing of a uniform design, but most soldiers fought in a motley assortment of civilian garments.

As permanent armies were formed during the 17th century, they began to wear mass-manufactured clothing of the same style but without any orderly system of distinguishing friend from foe. Each territory, state and nation created their own design which made it very difficult to quickly recognize the region that they were representing.

The two world wars and the need for economy ended the use of the traditional full dress uniform for all but a few special military units. Today, although such distinctions tend to be officially discouraged, some units still rely on unique features of insignia and dress to help separate them from members of other outfits.
The marker is located at Soldiers Walk Memorial Park on Memorial Park Drive, at its intersection with South Washington Street / County Highway J and Gaveny Drive, Arcadia, Wisconsin 54612.

NOTE: Soldiers Walk Memorial Park is bordered by and accessible from three streets, northwestbound Reit Lane, northbound South Washington Street / County Highway J, and eastbound Gaveny Road. The park is accessible from all three streets.

Quartermaster Shop: Mexican War: US Army Officer Uniforms
US Army Officer uniforms used during the Mexican War era were those adopted in 1832, 1841 and 1846. Officer Dress Coats were quite ornate with gold lace on their Tail Coats and slashes on the sleeves to denote rank. Although regulations were not always followed, we have tried to adhere our reproduction uniforms to Army Regulations for accuracy. Various modifications can be done when based on original garments. Most of these items are available as custom order only.

Wikipedia: Mexican-American War

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A tribute to George Washington, at the north entrance
to Arcadia Memorial Park.

The memorial is located at Memorial Park.

The memorial is located in Arcadia, Wisconsin.

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