UW Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences: First Chemical Synthesis of a Gene

© Photographed August 1, 2015
Erected April 2001 by UW Foundation
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
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University of Wisconsin Madison
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Biochemist Har Gobind Khorana shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1968 for research that was essential to understanding how DNA is translated into proteins. His work at the Institute for Enzyme Research completed the puzzle of which particular nucleic acid sequences code for each of the twenty-two amino acids that make up all proteins. He was also the first person to synthesize a gene chemically.
The marker is located on the south side of the Hector F. DeLuca Biochemistry Building on westbound University Drive, just west of its intersection with Henry Mall, Madison, Wisconsin 53706.

NOTE: There is NO PARKING at the marker location. The closest parking is about a quarter-mile west of the marker on southbound Babcock Drive (43.074305,-89.41293).

The marker (visible to the left) is adjacent to very busy westbound University Drive.

The marker is located on the campus of UW-Madison.

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