UW Madison Bascom Hill Historic District: The American Character

© Photographed August 1, 2015
Erected by UW Foundation
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
43° 4.529′ N, 89° 24.157′ W
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University of Wisconsin Madison
Bascom Hill Historic District

At the end of the nineteenth century, one of the most popular classes at the University of Wisconsin was Frederick Jackson Turner's course on the American frontier. In those lectures, Turner shared beliefs about our nation's history that would help define what it means to be an American. His "Frontier Thesis" traced strains of American self-reliance and individualism to the hard experience of colonizing the rugged West. Turner's argument became one of the most influential ideas about the American experience ever posed in a classroom.
This marker is made possible by a grant from the UW Foundation.

The marker is located on the UW-Madison campus, on the Bascom Hill Mall, near the southwest corner of the School of Education Building, at or near 1000 Bascom Mall, Madison Wisconsin 53706.

NOTE: There is no parking near the marker location. Driving around and parking at the UW-Madison campus is pretty intense. Be sure to check the Google Map (above) and campus maps (below) before heading out.

UW-Madison Map and Parking

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With the School of Education building visible to the right.

With the Political Science building visible behind the marker.

The Statue of Abraham Lincoln, at the top of Bascom Hill Mall.

Illustration of the State University of Madison
(now Bascom Hill Historic District),
from the 1885 edition of the Wisconsin Blue Book.
This media file is in the public domain.

The marker is located on the UW-Madison campus.

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