Shoot the running board

© Photographed August 15, 2015
Erected by Dane County Parks
McFarland, Dane County, Wisconsin
42° 58.968′ N, 89° 15.913′ W

Shoot the running board
How do you catch a school of carp in the middle of winter? Using a running board was a simple and brilliant way to stretch a seine net in a large circle under lake ice. First, the crew cut a large landing hole in the ice. Next, they chopped small holes 75-100 feet apart around the perimeter of the carp school, as best they could judge. Then the crew aimed the running board (connected by rope to the seine net) toward the first hole. After hooking the board and securing the seine net, they shot the board to the second hole, third hole, and so on back to the landing hole. The carp were now surrounded by the seine net. When the seine closed around them, a pulling engine at the landing hole winched a netfull of carp from the water. A hinged running board was easier to carry. 
The marker is located at Fish Camp Park and is accessible from eastbound Fish Camp Road, east of its intersection with County Highway AB, at or near 3383 Fish Camp Road, Mc Farland Wisconsin 53558.

Dane County Parks: Fish Camp Park

Click here to view all markers at Fish Camp Launch (there are several).

The small marker is affixed to The Corn House,
to the far left, below the drawing of the carp.

The south side of The Corn House -- note the ramp . . .

. . . the end of The Corn House ramp leads into Lake Kegnosa.

Looking across Lake Kegnosa from The Corn House.

Plenty of parking to access the marker.

 Follow the signs to the Canoe Launch to access the marker.

The marker is located at Fish Camp Park in McFarland, Wisconsin.

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