The Cadotte Fur Traders

© Photographed July 12, 2015
Dedicated July 14, 1974 by The Cadott Lions Club
Cadott, Chippewa County, Wisconsin
44° 57.215′ N, 91° 8.818′ W
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Among the fur traders who attained prominence in the Lake Superior region were Jean Baptiste Cadotte (Cadeau) and his sons, Jean Baptiste, Jr. and Michel. Each married daughters of prominent Ojibway Indians; became influential as merchants, interpreters and mediators; and were considered by the Ojibways as "chiefs". Michel Cadotte established the permanent trading post at La Pointe on Madeline Island and with his family traded on the Chippewa River and tributaries, as early as 1787, at various places including Chippewa City, Jim Falls and Cadotte Falls on the Yellow River.
The marker is located at Riverside Park on Park Place Road, at its intersection with southbound Wisconsin Highway 27, Cadott, Wisconsin 54727.

 Wikipedia: Michel Cadotte

 The marker is in the front.

The marker is visible on the left.

The marker is located in Cadott, Wisconsin.

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