Garwin Mace Lime Kilns (Menomonee Falls)

© Photographed July 4, 2015
Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County, Wisconsin
43.177265,-88.112807 (marker location)
43.178574,-88.114302 (parking lot)

The lime kilns are located adjacent to the west bank of the Menomonee River, at Lime Kiln Park, and are accessible from a parking lot accessible from northbound Mills Street between Appleton Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 175 (to the south) and Main Street / Wisconsin Highway 74 (to the north), Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051.

NOTE: The lime kilns are an easy .2-mile walk from the parking lot.

Wisconsin Historical Society: Architecture and History Inventory
Lime Kiln Park, Waukesha County, Menomonee Fills
Historic Name: Garwin Mace Lime Kilns
Other Name: Lime Kilns
Reference Number: 8077
Year Built: 1890
Wall Material: Limestone
National/State Register Listing Name: Mace, Garwin, Lime Kilns
National Register Listing Date: 1982-03-12
State Register Listing Date: 1989-01-01
National Register Multiple Property Name: Lime Kilns of Waukesha County
Additional Information:
Also mapped on falls on Village map with map code A

Scattered lime kilns survive in Waukesha County, reminding us of a once-thriving industry. A limestone quarry opened here in 1838, and lime production began soon after. Workers heated limestone to about nine hundred degrees, yielding a powdery calcium-oxide residue. They then mixed this lime with sand and water to make mortar for masonry buildings.

Vertical-shaft kilns were common to commercial operations, since they could be loaded, burned, and drawn continuously. Workers shoveled limestone into the shafts at the tops of the kilns and lit fireboxes of cordwood set into the walls. Once the firing was finished, the workers removed the lime through the drawholes.

These three kilns, built by Garwin Mace, date from 1890. Each rectangular kiln, made of rough limestone blocks, has two round vertical shafts lined with firebrick below and iron rings toward the top. Round-arched drawholes (reconstructed in brick for stabilization) pierce the bottom of each structure on all sides. The horizontal bands of wood have been added to stabilize the structure, and a rubber membrane over the top keeps water out.
The foregoing content used with generous permission of Wisconsin Historical Society.

Friends of Lime Kiln Natural Area

Lime Kiln Park is included in the Menomonee Falls Historic Walking Tour

The Garwin Mace Lime Kilns are listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin.

These markers are also located at Lime Kiln Park:

With the Menomonee River and Lower Falls marker visible to the left.

The southward path leading to the lime kilns.

The start of the path leading to the lime kilns.

Plenty of parking to access the lime kilns
The lime kilns are located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

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