Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Trail: 1965

© Photographed June 18, 2015 and June 4, 2017
Sponsored by: The Heindl Family
Prentice, Price County, Wisconsin
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Feb. 8
First air strike
against N. Vietnam
Apr. 5
First surface to air missle
site detected
Aug. 18 - 24
Operation Starlite
First engagement of
N. Vietnamese main force
with American troops
Sept. 11
1st Calvary Airmobile
arrived in Vietnam
Dec. 31
184,300 Troops

Sponsored by: The Heindl Family
Thanking Veterans For Their Service

The marker is located at the Prentice Veterans Memorial on southbound Railroad Avenue / County Highway A, at its intersection with South Street, Prentice, Wisconsin 54556.

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These markers / memorials are also at this location:

The white marker podium is visible in the center of the photo.

The marker is located at the Prentice Veterans Memorial.

 The memorial is located in Prentice, Wisconsin.

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