The Glob (sic) of Paul Bunyan

© Photographed June 18, 2015 and June 4, 2017
Phillips, Price County, Wisconsin
45.671471,-90.39101 (entrance to the park)
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Fred Smith created this information marker between 1948 and 1964, during the years he built the Wisconsin Concrete Park. Although he could neither read nor write, Smith narrated his thoughts to a typist. The typewritten page was taped between two pieces of glass, framed in wood, and mounted on this concrete and stone marker. The original display no longer exists. In 1996 the artist's text was replaced on this information marker.
Paul Bunyan shows here the first power that came in for logging and farming is called oxen.
Mr. Knox shows here how oxen are worked and tells how oxen are hooked up. Only a heavy chain hooked from the go-devil onto the link in the yoke. It shows how to lead them when they are at work.
It shows here also a gang of his sawyers, Barry Swanson and Gust Johnson, the two big lumber jacks with an eight foot saw.
It shows some of his logging tools and the two large wolf hounds he hunted with and also one of his bear traps.
Paul Bunyan, the greatest logger in the State of Wisconsin, and his three oldest lumber jacks.
And I thank you.
The marker and statues are located on the grounds of Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park, located on northbound Wisconsin Highway 13, at N8236 Wisconsin 13, Phillips, Wisconsin 54555.

Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park

located at Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park.

Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete County Park is located in Phillips, Wisconsin.

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