The Cary Mine / Granite Cores / The Mining Clock

© Photographed June 25, 2013
Erected 1992 by State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Hurley, Iron County, Wisconsin
46° 27.785′ N, 90° 11.725′ W
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The Cary mine began operations in 1886 and was shut down in January 1964. During its active left, the mine produced and shipped 18,014,831 tons of high grade ore.
Two miles southwest of this site the new vertical shaft of the Cary mine is located. The shaft was developed using the latest technology of the time. Work on the shaft commenced as a 56" diameter bore hole drilled to a depth of 2,500 feet in solid granite. The bore hole was then enlarged to a rectangular shaft [illegible] in size. The boring operation began on September 3, 1942 and ran continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until May 12, 1944, when it was [illegible] opening.
The new vertical shaft of the Cary mine was sunk to a depth of 2500 feet as a 5'6" diameter bore hole. The cylindrical core drilling machine, housing an operator was lowered into the shaft as drilling progressed. Cutting proceeded as the operator fed steel shot into a slot that channeled it to the face on the revolving steel core barrel.
Each time a section of core removed the entire drill and drilling machine had to be removed from the bore hole. Core lengths ranged from small pieces to as much as 22 feet.
Most of the core pieces were buried near the mine shaft. Several are on display nearby and at this site.
As time is measured mining has three principal periods, Discovery, Development and Decline. There are numerous historical accounts of this process and how it has affected communities and their people.
You are standing on a giant sundial placed as a dynamic reminder of the mining area in Iron County and other mining communities in the Gogebic Range.
The morning shadow depicts the New Dawn of Discovery. At noon, the sun and mining are at the zenith. The waning sun fortells the inevitable decline of every mining operation.
The marker is located on southbound U.S. 51, at Rest Area 103, near Hurley, Wisconsin 54534.

The referenced sundial, and the marker visible between the flagpoles.

The marker is located Rest Area 103 (to the left of this building)
in Hurley, Wisconsin.

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