Roddis Line: Nelson Camp 5 (1925-1927)

© Photographed June 20, 2015 and June 7, 2018
Erected by Iron County Heritage Area
Mercer, Iron County, Wisconsin
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In 1925, the Roddis company contracted with Carl Nelson, a jobber, to run the camps. Nelson established his main headquarters camp about four miles south of here. 
This site is very large and contains at least two rail junctions. Site features suggest that this may have been a large landing and rail car camp. 
Rail car camps were actually a string of railroad cars moving along the lines, consisting of sleeping cars, a kitchen car, blacksmith car and office car. Even the horses were kept in barn cars. 
Artifacts include food cans, cooking pans, utensils and dinnerware, pieces of a pump, stove parts, horseshoes, sleigh parts, auto parts, barrels and barrel hoops, coal, heave cable and chain. 
Artifacts are an important part of an archaeological site. The artifacts here have no monetary value but contain valuable information. They have been left here to show you how archaeologists interpret that information. Please do not dig, metal detect, collect or disturb anything on the site. It is illegal to remove artifacts without permission. Photographs are allowed.
The marker is located at a remote highway turnout on southbound County Highway FF, about two miles south of its intersection with Musky Point Road (to the north) and just north of its intersection with Kimmear Road (to the south), Mercer, Wisconsin 54547  

The marker was in much better condition in 2015 . . .

. . . than it was in 2018.

Not an easy marker to access.

Log loading along track

Looking south along County Highway FF.

Looking north along County Highway FF.

Nearby signage at Musky Point Road and Black Lake Road.

The marker is located in the Iron County Heritage Area.

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