Passenger Pigeon Monument

© Photographed June 13, 2015
Erected 1947 by Wisconsin Society of Ornithology
Wyalusing State Park
Bagley, Grant County, Wisconsin
42.991818,-91.124511 (approximate location)
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Dedicated to the last Wisconsin Passenger Pigeon shot at Babcock, Sept. 1899. This species became extinct through the avarice and the thoughtlessness of man.
The marker is located deep inside Wyalusing State Park, at the Sentinel Ridge Trail overlook, adjacent to the Green Cloud Picnic Area, and is accessible from Long Valley Road, .5 miles west of its intersection with State Park Lane. The park entrance is located at 13081 State Park Lane, Bagley, Wisconsin 53801.

Map of Wyalusing State Park
(See below for map details of marker location.) 
"Dwelling place of the old holy man"

We meet here to commemorate the death of a species. This monument symbolizes our sorrow. We grieve because no living man will see again the onrushing phalanx of victorious birds, sweeping a path for spring across the March skies, chasing the defeated winter from all the woods and prairies of  Wisconsin.

Men still live who, in their youth, remember pigeons. Trees still live who, in their youth, were shaken by a living wind. But a few decades hence only the oldest oaks will remember, and at long last only the hills will know.
-- Also Leopold, 1947

The path on the left is about 100 yards
from the Green Cloud Picnic Area parking lot.

Red arrow -- Green Cloud Picnic Area (park here)
Green arrow -- Passenger Pigeon Monument
Blue arrow -- Sentinel Ridge Trail and Indian Mounds

 The marker is located at Wyalusing State Park.

Wyalusing State Park is located in Bagley, Wisconsin.

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