Historic Galloway Village: The Log House

Photographed June 27, 2015
Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
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Originally constructed 5 miles west of the city, this log house was taken apart, moved here in 1962 and reassembled without the room partitions or second floor bedrooms. The fireplace was added.

The house contains an old loon from the East and an old bed with a rope mattress, trundle bed and cradle, all built in the early 1800's. The desk belonged to Selim Newton who sold his farm to E.H. Galloway in 1868.

All housekeeping equipment is primitive and practical "early settler. [sic] The rug was made from strips woven on a loom similar to the one on display.

Donations: House by Ed & Richard Fenner; Bed by Early Robson; Loom by Otto Mecklenburg
The marker and house are located at the Historic Galloway House & Village at 336 Old Pioneer Road, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935.

The Log Cabin is located at Galloway House & Village.

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