Hillsboro Area Veterans Honor Roll

© Photographed July 25, 2013
Hillsboro, Vernon County, Wisconsin
43.648887, -90.348068
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The memorial is on Water Avenue, between Elm Avenue and Pine Avenue (across the street from Mt. Vernon Cemetery), Hillsboro, Wisconsin 54634.

Created by the residents of the City of Hillsboro, and Vernon County, and especially through the cooperation and generosity of John Field and Margaret Warner Field, on behalf of the Albert Field Estate, this lake is officially dedicates as the "Field-Veterans' Memorial Lake."

It is to honor and be operated as a memorial to the memory of the former residents of Vernon County -- who lost their lives in the service of their country.

This building, to the right of the memorial,
contains more markers . . .

The memorial is located at Field Veterans Memorial Park and Lake
in Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

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