Fifield "Hilltop" School

© Photographed June 18, 2015
Erected 2009 by Fifield School Memorial Committee
Fifield, Price County, Wisconsin

Former students proudly dedicate this monument in memory of the Fifield "Hilltop" School. Between 1889 and 2005 two buildings stood on a beautiful wooded hill to the west of Linden Ave. overlooking the village and South Fork of the Flambeau River. By a vote of 64 to 53 a new school was approved in 1922, and built in 1923. The new brick school housed grades 1-8 on the first floor and 9-12 on the second. The basement held a hot lunch kitchen and dining area, a stage, a gymnasium with a balcony overlooking it, hot water showers and a coal-fired furnace. Unusual at the time, running water was provided from a deep well at the bottom of the hill. In 1962 the last seniors graduated when the Fifield and Park Falls systems were consolidated. Between 1962 and 1979 all 8th and 8th graders and some residual lower grades in the new district attended Hilltop. In this community core, dedicated teachers helped small classes of students develop fundamental educational skills, nurture personal and civic values and foster many lifelong friendships.
"Hilltop" was razed in 2005. May it be long remembered
Fifield School Memorial Committee 9/19/09
See the full history in the Old Town Hall Museum

The marker is located on the grounds of the Old Town Hall Museum & Greenfield School, on northbound Flambeau Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 13, between Spruce Street (to the south) and Pine Street (to the north), Fifield, Wisconsin 54524.

With the Old Town Hall Museum & Greenfield School visible to the left.

Old Town Hall Museum (left) and Greenfield School (right).

The marker is on the grounds of the Old Town Hall Museum.

The marker is located in Fifield, Wisconsin.

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