Clearing the land . . .

Photographed June 18, 2015
Phillips, Price County, Wisconsin
45.671471,-90.39101 (entrance to the park)
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Fred Smith created this information marker between 1948 and 1964, during the years he built the Wisconsin Concrete Park. Although he could neither read nor write, Smith narrated his thoughts to a typist. The typewritten page was taped between two pieces of glass, framed in wood, and mounted on this concrete and stone marker. The original display no longer exists. In 1996 the artist's text was replaced on this information marker.
Hnery Mocavits says that all the land was cleared here just like John Putro shows it here. All these acres that shows here in these northern areas was made with oxen and horses. Then came the tractors. Mocavits says that his neighbor bought a tractor so he thought he would go over and see the tractor work. And he found nobody home the tractor was setting in the barn yard and him and his family were on the road trying out their new car. So he went down the road to the next farmer and he has two tractors in his barnyard. There was no one home there. He just bought a new car and was on the road trying it out. Mocavits says he was driving around the country and all he saw was cars and people on the road so there was no chance for any more land to be cleared. The land they are farming the horses made.
The marker and statues are located on the grounds of Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park, located on northbound Wisconsin Highway 13, at N8236 Wisconsin 13, Phillips, Wisconsin 54555.

Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park

located at Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park.

Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete County Park is located in Phillips, Wisconsin.

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