Walls of Wittenberg: Rack 'em Up (2008)

Photographed May 2, 2015
Completed 2008 / Painted by Artist Tony Vanderheyden
Wittenberg, Shawano County, Wisconsin

The mural is located at Klinkers Bar & Grill on eastbound West Vinal Street, at its intersection with Prouty Street, at 207 West Vinal Street, Wittenberg, Wisconsin 54499.

Back in highschool, Tony Vanderheyden thought it was great when his dad or a friend asked him to make a hand-lettered sign. it was fun to put his artistic talents to good use.

Although a couple of decades have passed, Vanderheyden still enjoys creating signs, the work that has become his career. He fine-tuned those early skills at the Laton School of Art in Milwaukee and opened The Sign Shop at 1514 E. Wisconsin Ave. in 1977. Over the years, a good portion of Vanderheyden's work has involved the painting of lettering and logos on vehicles, everything from boats to trucks to semi trailers. He has also completed countless board signs and banners, which are bound to be familiar to those who regularly travel about the Fox Cities. He has built a one-man operation that serves many business and corporate customers, as well as individuals.
Tony can  be reached at The Sign Shop, 1514 East Wisconsin Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin.

The foregoing Walls of Wittenberg, Inc. website content used with gracious permission.

The Walls of Wittenberg are located in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.

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