Walls of Wittenberg: The Plains (2011)

Photographed May 2, 2015
Completed 2011 / Created by Artist Jordan Innes
Wittenberg, Shawano County, Wisconsin

A geometric play on form, perspective, depth and scale inspired by autumn flights to and from the Wittenberg area.

One way to approach this mural is to imagine the landscape of Central Wisconsin in October, as seen from 10,000 feet, boiled down to its essential elements: shapes, colors, borders.  The plots of unharvested corn husks intersecting thick maple forests and fields of freshly tilled soil, gridded beyond the horizon.

The rigid squares lose their defining orientation when viewed from alternate perspectives, waxing and waning, protruding and receding with subtle shifts in focus, creating a natural conflict alternately soothing and unsettling.  The amorphous and saturated color spheres stand out in vivid contrast to the neutral tones of the cubes, enhancing the argument between fields of color which in turn invoke the rich history of conflict between natural and manmade barriers which have come to define the plains of the region.
The mural is located on the east side of a building located on westbound East Vinal Street / County Highway M, just west of its intersection with South Cherry Street / County Highway M, at 201 East Vinal Street, Wittenberg, Wisconsin 54499.

Jordan Innes is originally from Dallas, Texas.  He has always loved creating art in various mediums -- painting, writing, sculpture, music, mixed-media experimental, and filmmaking -- and has had a long gestating fascination with the large and unorthodox conceptual ideas proposed in avant-garde art.  In high school he received the Rhode Island School of Design Book Award for his artistic portfolio and the Raymond Nasher Sculpture Center's Young Artist Sculpture Award for his project "Arbor Sea".

Jordan started college at the University of Southern California as an art major, specifically studying encaustic painting* under master painter Juvenal Reis (*the Egyptian tradition of painting with wax made famous by contemporary Pop Artist Jasper Johns).  During college he developed a passion for the study of film and transitioned to the dedicated study of Film and Television: Critical Studies.  He continued his passionate pursuit of filmmaking at the University of Southern California's Graduate School of Cinematic Arts where he received a Master's in Film Production with a focus on film editing and screenwriting.

Upon graduating, Jordan worked in Los Angeles as a freelance film editor, writer, composer and graphic artist until moving to Wittenberg, Wisconsin in September 2010.  He currently works at Northcentral Technical College, making short videos for their various educational programs and marketing efforts.  He enjoys life in the country where he has uninhibited time to focus on writing, painting and filmmaking.

Jordan is inspired to pursue creative forms of expression as an unique means of communicating with people; hoping to engage in a non-traditional dialogue with others through his work.  In this work, Jordan often explores conflicts, natural and man-made, historical and philosophical, formal and conceptual, conflicts that inspire communication in its various forms -- all, and hopefully, representative of his particular sense of humor.
The foregoing Walls of Wittenberg, Inc. website content used with gracious permission.

The Walls of Wittenberg are located in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.

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