Soldier of 1812 | Samuel Hartford 1798-1884

Photographed May 3, 2014
Loyal, Clark County, Wisconsin

Soldier of 1812
1798 - 1884
When a lad of 14 he went as a substitute for his brother in law that his sister and her 7 little ones might not be deprived of a husband and father’s care.
Served as Private in N. Y. Militia.
Was in Battle of Niagara.
Honorably discharged Sept. 30, 1818.

The memorial is located at Pine Grove Cemetery on the southeast corner of the intersection of Spencer Road and Pelsdorf Avenue, Loyal, Wisconsin 54446.

Montage of images relevant to the War of 1812. Clockwise, from top:
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Looking south along Pelsdorf Avenue, from the entrance to the cemetery.

Looking north, at the intersection of Pelsdoft Avenue and Spencer Road.

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