River Rats & Peavey Men

Photographed May 3, 2015
Manitowish Waters, Vilas County, Wisconsin
46° 8.27′ N, 89° 53.096′ W
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River Rats & Peavey Men
Logger Language

Bateaux: Large canoes used by river crews (pictured above left).
Beat: A stretch of river worked by a crew.
Dry Roll: Moving logs stranded after flood waters have receded.
Peavey Men: Loggers who worked river drives using peaveys to move logs.
Sacking: Rolling logs stranded on sandbars or in sloughs.
Jerkwater: Coffee.
Rolling Stock: Donuts.

Tools of the Trade

Cant Hook: A long-handled swivel hook used to roll logs.
Stamp Hammer: A hammer used to “brand” logs with a lumber company’s symbol to show ownership.
Peavey: A cant hook with a sharp end.
Pike Pole: A nine-foot-long pole with a metal spike on the end used tor moving logs in water.

Time Line:

1847 Native Americans cede land to the government.
1865 Government survey of land completed.
1871 Land offered for sale by the government.
1887 Logging dams authorized. First Rest Lake Dam constructed.
1892 Rest Lake Dam water level raised to 9.5 feet: steamboat “Skidoo” built on Rest Lake to haul logs.
1903 Railroad comes to nearby Boulder Junction.
1907 State begins buying cut-over land from timber companies.
1911 First tree nursery established at Trout Lake.
1924 State legislature expands state forest ownership to 92,000 acres.
1925 Northern Highland Sate Forest named.
1931 Railroad service to Boulder Junction ends.
1933 Civilian Conservation Corps begins planting 11 million trees per year.
1944 First mechanical tree-planting machine used on Northern Highland.
1997 Rest Lake Dam comes up for re-licensing.
1998 Decision made that no license required.
2000 Chippewa Flambeau Improvement Co. asks town of Manitowish Waters to buy dam.
The marker is located at Koller Memorial Park and is accessible from northbound County Highway West, north of its intersection with U.S. Route 51, at or near 145 County Highway West, Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin 54545.

These markers are also at this location:

The marker is located at Frank B. Koller Memorial Park.

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