United States Navy Tribute

© Photographed April 18, 2015
Erected by DeForest Veterans Memorial Foundation, Inc.
DeForest, Dane County, Wisconsin
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Originating on October 13, 1775 as
a small Continental Navy during the
Revolutionary War, the U.S. Navy is
now the largest in the world, with its
fleet weight greater than that of the
next 13 largest navies combined.
The mission of the Navy is to win
wars, deter aggression and maintain
freedom of the seas. Because of its
aviation and submarine elements,
the Navy can and does operate on,
over and under the world’s seas—
and can extend that influence to
land, by way of Navy SEALs,
Seabees and the Marine Corps—
ready to aid a friend or fight a foe at
a moment’s notice, literally
anywhere in the world.

The memorial is located at DeForest Veterans Memorial Park located on northbound North Main Street / County Highway CV, just north of its intersection with Carriage Way, DeForest, Wisconsin 53532.

Official Website of the United States Navy

DeForest Veterans Memorial Park

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The memorial is located at DeForest Veterans Memorial Park.

The memorial is located at Veterans Memorial Park in DeForest, Wisconsin.

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