Theater of Seasons

 © Photographed April 18, 2015
Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Waupun, Dodge County, Wisconsin
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Theater of Seasons
At Horicon Marsh, changing seasons are like "Acts" in a play. Which "Act" is the refuge performing today? 

Act 1: Winter - A Subtle Scene
In winter, the stage is set with a snowy backdrop. Owls, hawks, muskrats, deer, foxes and resident songbirds move silently across or above frozen fields and marsh often leaving telltale signs to look for such as tracks, feathers, or scat (droppings).

Act 2: Spring -- An Awakening
Rising temperatures mark the spring return of ducks, coots, herons, egrets, sandhill cranes and neotropical migrants like warblers, orioles, and tanagers -- sporting brightly colored feathers for attracting maters. Listen as bird calls and the chorus of frogs fill the air like nature's perfect symphony.

Act 3: Summer - New Life Emerges
Summer brings nesting season and the sight of wildlife tending to their new young -- baby muskrats submerging like tiny submarines and fluffy ducklings bobbing along through cattails. American white pelicans next abundantly on the refuge and may be seen learning to feed in large groups -- "herding" fish into more shallow waters for easy dining.

Act 4: Fall -- The Big Finale
Well known for the mass migration of birds to the marsh -- Canada geese as well as thousands of ducks of many different species and impressive numbers of cranes and other birds flock to the marsh during fall -- resting and feeding up for the big finale -- the long migration south.
The marker is at the fifth stop on the three-mile Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour & Trails tour loop. The entrance to the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge | Tempike Auto Tour is located on eastbound Wisconsin Highway 49, about three miles east of the Wisconsin Highway 151 exit, Waupun, Wisconsin 53963.

"Horicon" -- a Mohican word meaning pure, clean water.

The marker is included in the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge: Egret Trail Boardwalk kiosk.

Click here for more information and to view all markers on the tour.

The marker is visible on the right side of the kiosk, top right.

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour and Walking Trails
( the auto tour is the circle of red dots)

The marker is located on the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Auto Tour & Trails in Horicon, Wisconsin.

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