Sokaogon Mole Lake Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

© Photographed April 17, 2015
Opened October 12, 2013
Oshkosh, Winnebago County, Wisconsin
44.033489,-88.580486 (where to park to access the trail)
44.032903,-88.581758 (where to access the trail)


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The Mole Lake Chippewa settled in the northern regions of Wisconsin, having moved out of eastern Canada at least 1,000 years ago. According to the teachings of the Ojibwe people, it was the sacred megis shell that first guided the people to the rich regions of the Great Lakes. The megis shell was last seen near Lake Superior’s Madeline Island, which was one of the settling points for tribal people migrating from the eastern shores of the continent. Currently, the Sokaogon Mole Lake Band of Lake Superior Chippewa reside on the Mole Lake Indian Reservation next to Rice Lake in Forest County.
Living near the upper Great Lakes region, the Mole Lake Chippewa kept the right to hunt, fish and gather on lands sold to the U.S. Government in the mid [sic] 1800s. The Chippewa kept the right to obtain food and other necessities on ceded lands to ensure that future generations would always have a source of food and survival.
Before the reservation with formally approved following the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, the Sokaogon had always lived in the vicinity of Rice Lake. Chief Ackley was instrumental in establishing the current reservation starting with approximately 1,700 acres adjacent to Mole Lake and including Rice Lake, in Forest County, Wisconsin.
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Today the Sokaogon Chippewa continue cultural traditions, especially the late summer wild rice harvesting and early spring speak fishing activities. Utilizing state of the art [sic] technology and research, the Sokaogon Chippewa continue to protect their resources for future generations. The tribe is investing in cultural restoration projects, environmental planning of the resources, education of its members and social programs that enhance the general health of the tribe.
The entrance (I used) to the Tribal Heritage Crossing of the Wiouwash State Trail is located adjacent to the parking lot for Two Brothers Family Restaurant, located at 1930 Rath Lane, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54904.

NOTE: The parking lot adjacent to the restaurant is posted as "for customers only". However, there is plenty of parking on Rath Lane. Be sure to check the Google Map coordinates before heading out.

NOTE: The trial loop is about four miles in length.

This location is Overlook 9 (see map below) in a series of historical marker kiosks that comprise the Tribal Heritage Crossing of the Wiouwash State Trail. Click here for more information about the Tribal Heritage Crossing project and links to photos / transcriptions of all markers on the Trail.

Looking north along the trial,
with Highway 41 on the left and Lake Butte Morts on the right.

This media file prepared by US I 41 Project is in the public domain.

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