Schumacher Barn

Photographed April 18, 2015
Erected 2000 by the Dane County Historical Society
Waukanee, Dane County, Wisconsin
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Schumacher Barn
Henry Schumacher built this barn in 1908 for $1,200. The barn has been changed over time. Mr. Schumacher added sliding doors to accommodate larger eqipment. Later, it was painted white.

The windmill shown no longer stands. What else has changed at the farm? Can you find the spot where the windmill was located?
Schumacher Barn is located at Schumacher Farm / Dane County Park on westbound East Main Street / Wisconsin Highway 18 / 133, between Hogan Road (to the east) and Schumacher Road (to the west), at 5682 Wisconsin 19, Waunakee, Wisconsin 53597.

These markers are also at this location:

Henry Schumacher (in vest) with Marcella (holding doll)
enjoy the company of friends circa 1920.

The barn is absolutely the focal point of the Schumacher Farm:

Photographed July 10, 2015

The Schumacher Barn is located in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

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