Kurth Brewery

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Columbus, Columbia County, Wisconsin
Erected in 1902, the Kurth Office Building and hospitality bar was the heart of the thriving Kurth Brewery enterprise, which operated from 1959-1949. In its heyday, about 1914, the brewery was producing 100 barrels of beer a day, making it the largest brewery in the area. A spectacular fire destroyed the malting buildings in 1916.
The property is located on northbound Park Avenue / Wisconsin Route 73, at its intersection with Farnham Street / Wisconsin Route 89, at 729 Park Avenue, Columbus, Wisconsin 53925.

NOTE: The Kurth Brewery remains today in the Kurth family!

Grinder's Island: The Story of the Kurth

729-733 Park Avenue, Columbia County, Columbus
Historic Name: Kurth, John H. and Company Office Building
Reference Number: 3506
Year Built: 1902
Architectural Style: Commercial Vernacular
Wall Material: Cream Brick
National/State Register Listing Name: Kurth, John H. and Co. Office Building
National Register Listing Date: 1993-12-02
State Register Listing Date: 1998-01-22
Additional Information:  
Neo-classical parapet. John Henry took over operations in 1880 from his father, Henry John, and soon after another son, Christian, joined the business. The firm was now known as "John H. Kurth & co." By 1900 the brewery complex took up the front of the entire block with a bottling department across the street. Around 1914 the brewery was producing 100 barrels of beer a day, making it the largest brewery in the county. The Kurths also had malting operations in Milwaukee and their malting capacity supposedly made them one of the largest of its kind in the country. The company owned 2 ice houses, a grain elevator near the depot, beer distribution warehouses in Tomah, Portage, and Luxemburg, 3 saloons in Columbus and at least 17 others in south central Wisconsin. On July 20, 1916 the elevator and malthouse were destroyed by fire. During prohibition the company converted its operations to the production of soda pop. After the repeal of prohibition the company resumed its production of beer until 1949 when it closed. The business is currently run by Lauretta and John Robert Kurth as a part-time tavern. The interior is remarkably intact.
The foregoing content used with generous permission of Wisconsin Historical Society.

Can't wait to come back and get inside for a look!

 The building and marker are located in Columbus, Wisconsin.

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