Green Bay / Door County: Lakeland

Photographed  April 4, 2015
The Wisconsin History Tour
History Museum at the Castle
Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin
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Type: Steel-Hulled Steam Screw
Built: 1886-1887, Globe Iron Works, Cleveland, Ohio
Sank: December 3, 1924
Length: 280'  Beam: 40'
Cargo: Kissel, Nash and Rollin Automobiles
Depth: 205'
Lives Lost: None

Twenty-one automobiles covered with quagga and zebra mussels remain still and silent 205 feet below the surface, six miles east of the Sturgeon Bay Canal.

The Lakeland left Chicago on December 2, 1924, with a load of automobiles bound for Detroit. En route she experienced rough weather and was forced into Sturgeon Bay to wait out the storm. On the morning of December 3, under calm sea, the Lakeland left Sturgeon Bay. She made it only six miles out into Lake Michigan before taking on water and sinking. Nearby ships rescued the crew members and believed that they could tow her to safety, but the Lakeland's captain declined, allowing her to sink with her valuable cargo. Onlookers snapped photos, making it the first shipwreck to be photographed while sinking.

The captains' [sic] decision to let the ship sink aroused suspicion and led to two criminal trials in the U.S. District Court between the insurance company and the company that owned the ship. Both the first and second trial ended with a hung jury, and Captain Join McNeely was exonerated. The insurance companies were forced to pay $450,000 for the sunken Lakeland and the cargo.
"The Wisconsin History Tour" is located at The History Museum at the Castle on westbound East College Avenue, at its intersection with North Drew Street, at 330 East College Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911.

"The Wisconsin History Tour" is located at The History Museum at the Castle from March 17 through April 30, 2015. It moves each moth to a different Wisconsin city, and includes an exhibit of "historic photographs, documents and stories about the Wisconsin community hosting the Tour".

"What Lies Beneath" provides a sampling of the history of four shipwrecks that have occurred in Wisconsin waters. Apart from "The Wisconsin History Tour", the Wisconsin Historical Society has placed historical markers at many shipwreck sites. Those markers are included in the Wisconsin's Maritime Trails: Historical Markers series

"What Lies Beneath: Discover What's Below Our Wisconsin Waves" exhibit.

Maritime History of the Great Lakes: Lakeland (Propeller), U126420, sunk, 3 Dec 1924

"What Lies Beneath: Discover What's Below Our Wisconsin Waves" exhibit.

This exhibit is part of the traveling "The Wisconsin History Tour".

from March 17 through April 30, 2015.

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