Early Social Whirl

Photographed April 18, 2015
Designated November 26, 1986
Erected by Middleton Landmarks Commission
Middleton, Dane County, Wisconsin
43° 5.793′ N, 89° 29.727′ W

Middleton Landmark
To commemorate Middleton's early social activities, the Middleton Landmarks Commission dedicates this site, which, since the early 1830's, has served as a center of social activity for Middleton's residents. Historic interest includes such enterprises as Frank's Park, a gathering area named for Frank Hoover, which offered refreshments and musical entertainment. Broadway Gardens, the home of the famous 1934 Walkathon, was built on the site of Frank's Park in 1923. The Club, formerly known as Ye Olde Tavern, was erected in 1908 and was the subject of the book, "Blue Collar Aristocrats", by E.E. LeMasters. The Top Hat, so named because of its original design, was the last established dinner club in this area. From the early 1900's to the present, this site has continued as an important social center for Middletonians.
Designated November 26, 1986

The marker is located at the very busy intersection of University Avenue and Branch Street, on westbound University Avenue, Middleton, Wisconsin 53562.

It is easy to access the marker from the parking lot of Club Tavern
(directly behind the marker).

The marker is located in Middleton, Wisconsin.

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