Duck Stamp Dollars at Work

 Photographed April 18, 2015
Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Waupun, Dodge County, Wisconsin
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Duck Stamp
Dollars at Work
How can I help?
Buy a Federal Duck Stamp!

The Federal Duck Stamp began in 1934
Duck Stamps are required to hunt migratory birds, however, you do not need to be a hunter to purchase and enjoy them. Considered fine art by many, 98 cents of every dollar used to purchase a duck stamp goes towards acquiring wetland and grassland habitat for birds, endangered and threatened species, and other wildlife.

To buy a Duck Stamp -- head to your local post office, sporting goods store or Seeing the benefits of Duck  Stamps is rewarding -- just brag a pair of binoculars and heard to one of the Midwest Region's many waterfowl production areas or national wildlife refuges. Now that's a cost-effective program for all to enjoy.
The marker is at the fifth stop on the three-mile Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour & Trails tour loop. The entrance to the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge | Tempike Auto Tour is located on eastbound Wisconsin Highway 49, about three miles east of the Wisconsin Highway 151 exit, Waupun, Wisconsin 53963.

"Horicon" -- a Mohican word meaning pure, clean water.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Duck Stamp

The marker is included in the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge: Egret Trail Boardwalk kiosk.

Click here for more information and to view all markers on the tour.

The marker is visible on the bottom left corner of the kiosk.

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour and Walking Trails
( the auto tour is the circle of red dots)

The marker is located on the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Auto Tour & Trails in Horicon, Wisconsin.

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