75mm Pack Howitzer (Grafton)

Photographed April 26, 2015
Grafton, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

The Howitzer is located at Grafton Veterans Memorial Park on the northwest side of the Washington Street Bridge, at its intersection with 13th Avenue, alongside the west bank of the Milwaukee River, Grafton, Wisconsin 53024.

American Legion Grafton Rose-Harms Post 355

World War II Gyrene: The 75mm Pack Howitzer

The 75mm Pack Howitzer was designed in 1927 with the intention that it would be broken down into seven components, mounted onto seven mule and carried into any terrain, reassembled and used (thus the name "pack" Howitzer); see video below, filmed at Ft. Still, Oklahoma.

These memorials are also at this location:

A beautiful location on the Milwaukee River . . .

U.S. Field Artillery Museum gun crew shooting
WWII 75mm Pack Howitzer at Fort Still, Oklahoma
U.S. Army Artillery Museum

With the Washington Street bridge visible to the right.

The Howitzer is located at Grafton Veteran Memorial Park.

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