St. Mary's Church (Port Washington) 1884

© Photographed March 20, 2015 and September 29, 2017
Port Washington, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

This property has been
placed on the
by the United States
Department of the Interior.

St. Mary's Church is located at 430 Johnson Street, Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074.

This Gothic Revival church was built in 1884. It is built of limestone. Henry Messmer was the architect.

St. Mary's Church, Port Washington, WI

The maker is mounted to the facade, to the right of the center entrance.

Screenshots of vintage postcard provided by
St. Mary's Church Parish Hall and School, Port Washington, Wis.
Postmarked 1912.

Revisited September 29, 2017:

It's a heck of a climb up those stairs!

Inside the church:

Center altar (above and below)

Altar to the right (above and below)

 L-R: St. Dominic, St. Joseph, St. Henry

Altar to the left (above and below)

 L-R: St. Anne, Blessed Mother, St. Barbara

View of St. Mary's Church from Coal Dock Park.

Screenshots of vintage postcard provided by
Bird's-eye View, Looking North from Top of Bluff, Port Washington, Wis.
(St. Mary's is visible to the far left)
Postmarked 1918.

View from Coal Dock Park -- March 28, 2015.

View from downtown Port Washington.

View from the Port Washington lighthouse.

 St. Mary's Church is located in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

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