15 Starr

© Photographed March 8, 2015
Erected by Oneida Walk of Legends
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin
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In the pantheon of
pro-football greats,
this "Starr" Green Bay
Quarterback rates,
under Lombardi's direction,
he'd realize pass perfection
and foster solid leadership traits.

Super Bowls I and II MVP
was a field general by pedigree,
his gusty touchdown pass for the goal
in the final seconds of the "ice bowl"
would freeze in time the reign of
sport's first dynasty.

With wife, Cherry and the Starr family,
he would build a timeless off-field
charitable legacy.
They'd inspire many to believe
in the potential to achieve
greatness with love, faith
commitment and integrity.

There are few modern-day,
pro-football players who can claim
a record five world-championship
victories to their name.
A more beloved hero
the league's not seen
than the great number 15,
a legend in the history of the game.

The monument is located at the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena on eastbound Lombardi Avenue / County Highway VK, just east of its intersection with Oneida Street / County Highway AAA, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304.

The Official Bart Starr

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The Official Website of the Packers

The monument is one of a series of 24 engraved granite-and-steel monuments that comprise the Oneida Nation Walk of Legends™. The monuments pay tribute to the legends of Green Bay football, and chronicle the history of the Packers organization from 1895 to the present.

These markers are also at this location:

This statue of Bart Starr is a couple of blocks away.

The memorial is visible to the right of the big football.

The Lombardi Avenue entrance to Veteran's Memorial Complex.

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