Wisconsin Historical Society "Offical" Markers 401-450

Marker 428: The “Phoenix” Tragedy

This post includes a digital list of the Wisconsin Historical Society's "official" markers -- organized by number / date erected. Marker 1: Peshtigo Fire Cemetery was erected in 1951. The list now contains more than 550 markers. In my opinion it's nearly impossible to use this numerical list. When I began my journey in 2012 to visit and photograph the then 532 markers on the list, there was no user-friendly list of the markers. So, the first thing I did was put the list into a logical order by organizing the markers first by county and then numerically; this took nearly 60 hours and was the impetus for the "Wisconsin Historical Markers" website.

Anyway, here's Wisconsin Historical Society's "official" markers 401-450, listed in numerical order:

NOTE: This is a two-sided marker

Marker 423: Historic Pardeeville
Marker 423: Belmont Hotel
NOTE: This is a two-sided marker
(visited april 24, 2013)

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