Pesche-Leider Luxembourg Garden

 © Photographed February 28, 2015 and October 8, 2016
Belgium, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
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Pesche-Leider Luxembourg Garden
Numerous Luxenbourg immigrants to metro-Chicago engaged in horticulture and truck farming including two noted "greenhouse" families: Pesche & [sic] Leider, Ferdinand "Fred" Pesche, Sr., was born in 1892 in Folschette, Luxembourg and immigrated to Chicago in 1911. He first began a vegetable business in Evanston but in 1923 he started Pesche's Greenhouse in Des Plaines. The business grew to be one of metro-Chicago's largest and is now operated by the third generation of Pesches. Fred married Helen Leider who was born in 1896 in Chicago. She was the daughter of John Peter Leider whose family was another noted horticultural family.

John Peter Leider was born in 1870 in Tadler, Luxenbourg as was his brother Michael Leider [sic] born 1876. John Peter immigrated to Chicago in 1892 as did Michael in 1893 [sic] and the two brothers partnered in vegetable and truck farming. The brothers eventually went into business for themselves with greenhouses in Evanston, Illinois. Both Leider families continued in the horticultural tradition with third and fourth generation family members now operating businesses.

In 2009, there are eight greenhouse business operated by Pesche and Leider descendants in Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.
The marker is located at the Luxemburg American Cultural Center Museum on southbound North Royal Avenue / County LL, at its intersection with Park Street, at 100 Peter Thein Avenue, Belgium, Wisconsin 53004.

Luxemburg American Cultural Center Museum

 Fred Pesche, Sr. and Family

 John Peter and Katherine (Schaul) Leider Family --
Daughter Helen (Leider) Persche back row, second from left

Michael and Margarite
(Klotz) Leider

These memorials are placed at the periphery of the garden:

The marker is located at the Luxembourg American
Cultural Center Museum in Belgium, Wisconsin.

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