Iron County Heritage Area Markers

Flambeau Trail
Follow the footsteps of Native Americans, voyagers, and first settlers as they journeyed through Iron County on the famous Flambeau Trail. Learn how transportation, via this ancient "woodland highway" and later by railroad opened up northern Wisconsin to new settlers and development.
Montreal Trails
Penokee Iron Range Trail
"Go for the Iron" and learn how the rush for the "red gold", we call iron ore, shaped the people and places along the Penokee Iron Range Heritage Trail from the 1990's to today.
Pinery Road
Timber! Follow Pinery Road back to the days when white pine was king and the immense "inexhaustible" stands of timber brought French Canadian loggers and settlers eager to make their fortunes in Iron County's pinery.
Roddis Line
Take a ride of the Roddis Line Heritage Trail and relive the days when railroad logging was the only way to get the "big timber out of the woods.

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