14 Hutson

 Photographed January 30, 2015
 Erected by Oneida Nation Walk of Legends™
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin

A timely postmark on his 1935 contract
ensured this wide receiver would
play for the pack.
Arkansas' first Eagle Scout
invented the modern pass route
and on pro football had a
profound impact.

On both offense and defense he'd amaze
as a 60-minute player back
in the iron-man days.
For the ball he would leap
from coverage two and three men deep
and to the endzone a trail he'd blaze.

Green Bay's opponents could
not break the stride
of the "Alabama Antelope" of
the Crimson Tide.

This 11-time all-pro of the year
set 18 league records in his career
and twice held MVP status with pride.

To three world championships
Don Huston would lay claim,
along with charter inductions into
college and pro football halls of fame.
A more pioneering player we've not seen
since the great number 14,
a legend in the history of the game.

The monument is located at Saranac Glove Company on eastbound Lombardi Avenue / County Highway VK, east of its intersection with South Oneida Street / County Highway AAA, at 999 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304.

PackersNews.com (July 21, 2010): Who's who on the Walk of Legends

Stone Business Online (January 8, 2009): Oneida Nation Walk of Legends, Green Bay, Wis. The inspiring story of how mother-and-daughter-team, Sandi and Corrie Campbell, envisioned, developed and brought to fruition the Oneida Nation Walk of Legends™.

The Official Website of the Packers

The monument is one of a series of 24 engraved granite-and-steel monuments that comprise the Oneida Nation Walk of Legends™. The monuments pay tribute to the legends of Green Bay football, and chronicle the history of the Packers organization from 1895 to the present.

Facing Lombardi Avenue . . .

The front of the monument.

The monument is located at Saranac Glove Company.

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