Wollman Home

Photographed December 11, 2014
Muskego, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Francis Wollman was born in 1811. He spoke four languages, learned the veterinary profession and came to America from Reignberg, Germany with his wife Barbara (Ehrlich) in 1852 and settled on a 110 acre farm. It was the first farm west of Tess Corners on the south side of Janesville Road. They raised six children: Frank, Mary, Charles I, Annie, Julie and William who were all born in Germany. Anthony and Emilie were born in Muskego, but both died at an early age.

In 1864, Charles I bought an 86 acre farm at the junction of today's College Avenue and Janesville Road. On June 10, 1854, he married Charlotte Schmidt. They had 11 children.

One of their sons, Charles II, bought the James McDonough farm around the 1890's. Charles II married Rosetta Kurts and raised six children on this farm, which is the first farm on the north side of the Janesville Road going west from Tess Corners.

In 1975 the Society was given this house by the Harold Diekfuss family who had bought the farm from Edward Wollman, one of the two sons of Charles II.

The furnishings are all original pieces from the 1880's to the early 1900's, but none from the Wollman family.
Wollman House is located at Old Muskego Settlement Center on northbound Racine Avenue / County Highway Y, north of its V-intersection with Pioneer Drive, at or near W184S8074 Racine Avenue, Muskego, Wisconsin 53150.

Old Muskego Settlement Center
The property is operated by the Muskego Historical Society.

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 The west side of the house.

 Wollman House is located at Old Muskego Settlement Centre.

 Wollman House is located in Muskego, Wisconsin.

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