Waukesha County Historical Society Markers

The Moor Mud Baths Hotel marker in Waukesha

These are the markers erected by the Waukesha County Historical Society & Museum. In 1997, the Society presented information about its marker program at the State Historical Society annual conference. These markers are easy to locate and generally easy to access.

01 Big Bend
02 Brookfield
03 Butler
05 Delafield
06 Dousman
07 Eagle
09 Genesee Depot
12 Lannon
13 Lisbon
14 Mapleton

15 Menomonee Falls
16 Merton
17 Monches
18 Mukwonago
19 Muskego
20 Nashotah
21 New Berlin
24 Oconomowoc
26 Pewaukee
27 Saylesville
28 Stone Bank
30 Sussex
31 Town of Vernon
33 Waterville
34 Waukesha


Unknown said...

FYI, marker 33-01 for Waterville is missing. The white colonial on whose property the marker was placed was foreclosed on.

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

Thank you, John, for letting me know. I've updated my post on the marker.

Unknown said...

Marker 33-01 for Waterville is on the southeast corner of where Highway 18 meets Waterville Road. I drive by it almost every day. Despite being close to the road, it is difficult to see because it often is in the shade of nearby trees. --Virgil D. (indexer25@gmail.com)

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