Scandinavia Lutheran Church Bell (1872)

Photographed December 17, 2014
Erected 1989 by Scandinavia Lutheran Church
Scandinavia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin

THIS BELL WAS ORDERED in 1870 from Meneely & Kimberly Foundries in Troy, N.Y., for use in enlarging the first Lutheran church in Scandinavia, which had been built in 1856, and was being enlarged from 400 seating capacity to 800. This church was located across the road from the cemetery, one mile north of Scandinavia.
THE BELL WAS RECEIVED IN 1872 and installed in the steeple of the church as planned.

THE BELL SERVED the community 56 years, from 1872 to 1928, calling people to worship and prayer with it's [sic] beautiful voice [sic].

THE BELL WAS REMOVED from the old church when it was torn down in 1929, and then WAS INSTALLED in the village church, which had been built in 1890, and was located on the NE corner of the intersection of Main St. and Lakeshore Drive.

IN 1933 THIS CHURCH WAS MOVED across the street, with the bell hanging in the steeple, and placed on a new foundation.

When renovation was nearly complete, fire broke out in the building, and it burned to the ground. When the bell fell to the ground IT WAS DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR. The fire occurred on January 10, 1934.

THE BELL HAS BEEN ON DISPLAY here on the church grounds from 1934 to the present time, which is now March 1989.

THE BELL HAS NOW SERVED A TOTAL OF 114 YEARS, 60 years as a church bell, and 54 years as a treasured memorial.

THE BELL IS NOW A TREASURED ANTIQUE, AND A CONSTANT REMINDER of the love our ancestors had for their church, and of the sacrifices they made to pass their faith on to us.  BLESSED BE IT'S [sic] MEMORY!
The bell and marker are located at Scandinavia Lutheran Church on northbound North Main Street / Wisconsin Highway 49, at its intersection with North Shore Drive / County Highway B / Wisconsin Highway 49, at 105 Church Street, Scandinavia, Wisconsin 54977.

Scandinavia Lutheran Church (Facebook Page)

Norwegian Evang. Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer
This is a faithfully saying and word
Thy of all acceptation, that Christ came
into the world to save sinners
1. Tim. 1. 15.

Troy     N.Y.

In 2004, the Scandinavian Lutheran Church celebrated its 150th Anniversary. The following black and white screenshots / photo from the 150th Anniversary Book were generously provided by the Church for inclusion on this post:

What an amazing photo!

Scandinavia Lutheran Church, at the intersection
of North Main Street / Wisconsin Highway 49 and Church Street.
The bell and marker are to the left of the church.

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