Lawrence Memorial Chapel / In Memory of . . .

Photographed December 19, 2014
Erected 1918
Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin

In Memory of

This building was erected
in the year of our Lord

The marker is mounted to the facade of Lawrence Memorial Chapel on westbound East College Avenue, just west of its intersection with North Lawe Street, at 510 East College Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911.

Myra Goodwin Plantz (died 1914 of appendicitis)

Lawrence University Archives: Memorial Chapel Collection (1916-2007)
The Memorial Chapel was built in 1918 at a cost of $125,000, funded entirely by subscriptions from Appleton citizens, alumni, and friends of the college. This included $10,000 for the organ. The idea for a chapel building had first been proposed (and subscriptions first collected) in 1907, to serve as a memorial to Helen Fairfield Naylor, the wife of Wilson S. Naylor, Professor of Biblical Literature. After Myra Goodwin Plantz's death in 1914, funds were collected for the construction of a women's dormitory in her name. When the dormitory was named for Russell Sage, funds contributed in Mrs. Plantz's name were transferred to the Chapel fund. The land north of College Avenue was purchased for the site of the Chapel in 1916, and building began in June, 1917. As with Sage Hall, Childs and Smith were the architects, and C.R. Meyer and Sons received the contract for the building of the chapel.

The chapel was originally intended to serve as the center of religious life for the college, as well as a civic space for large meetings and concerts. It has served as the stage for many famous visitors over the years, including Louis Armstrong, Richard Nixon, Frank Lloyd Wright, and many visitors from the Conservatory Artist Series. It underwent major renovations in 1965.
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(The Lawrence University Archives collects, preserves, and makes accessible materials that document the history of both Lawrence University and Milwaukee-Downer College.)

NOTE: According to The Inflation Calculator, what cost $125,000 in 1918 would cost $1,913,109.02 in 2013; and what cost $10,000 would cost $153,048.72.

The marker is to the right of the center door, mounted to the facade
(it is barely visible, hidden by the column).

Screenshot of vintage postcard provided by
Postmark 1945
Lawrence Memorial Chapel, Appleton, Wis.

This is such a beautiful building!

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