Lake with a Secret

Photographed December 17, 2014
Waupaca, Waupaca County, Wisconsin
44.33242,-89.211296 (entrance to the park)
44.325329,-89.215652 (where to park to access the marker)
44.325513,-89.216768 (marker location inside park)

Lake with a Secret
In George Allen's crude birch bark cribs provided habitat to grow 1-inch trout fingerlings large enough to be transplanted into area streams. These cribs still exist, preserved and concealed beneath the lake.
In 1939, the State of Wisconsin took over the hatchery and built a dam, located to your left, that flooded the cribs and created Allen Lake. The lake was named in honor of Mr. Allen.
The marker is located alongside Hartman Creek Number Five Dam in Hartman Creek State Park. The entrance to the park is at the intersection of Hartman Creek Road and Rural Road. There is parking next to Allen Lake, and the Dam is part of Allen Lake. The address of the park is N2480 Hartman Creek Road, Waupaca, Wisconsin 54981.

Engbretson Underwater Photography (June 16, 2013): Why Fish Cribs Work and Why They Fail
A very interesting post with lots of fish crib photos.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Fish and wildlife habitat structures

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Fish sticks: Improving lake habitat
Friends of Hartman Creek State Park: History of Hartman Creek State Park 

See also, Fish Raceway and Hellstad House, also at this location.

A fish crib.
Photo by Eric Engbretson of Engbretson Underwater Photography,
The USA's Top Supplier of Stock Images of Freshwater Fish
Taken in Their Natural Habitat
Used with generous and gracious permission.
Click here for Eric's website and gallery of awesome photos.

 View from the parking lot.
Follow the path to the right and turn left at the lake;
the marker is about 50 feet down the pathway, on the right.

 Turn here at the sign for Allen Lake -- the marker is next to the Lake.

The marker is located inside Hartman Creek Sate Park.

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